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Notes from the Studio: New Year Resolutions


JAN 2019

Studio, desk image.

My first notes from the studio of 2019 is going to be about my new years resolution (I know I can hear your eye rolling from here but I think it’s quite a fun one! So please don’t switch off)

My new years resolution is to see more exhibitions. At least one a month to be precise and this will make it feel like a challenge and I love a challenge. I want to take in more art because it feeds my soul and something, I felt I neglected last year. I have done a basic google search and come up with a list of ones that I definitely want to see as a starting point. Have you seen any of them? Also please let me know if you have heard of any that you think I could enjoy? I will try to write about…My Year of Exhibitions (yup it’s got a name) on this blog. If you sign up to my mailing list by clicking here I can keep you up to date. I am lucky as Bristol boasts some brilliant art galleries and I’ve also lined up a couple of willing accomplices so it should be easy to keep it up and did I mention; fun?

So let’s begin with the initial list and plan of action feel free to join in:

JAN On Paper at The Victoria Art Gallery, Bath (admission fee) runs until the 17th February

FEB Albert Irvin and Abstract Expressionism at the RWA, Bristol (admission fee) runs until March 3rd 2019

MARCH The Masters of Japanese Prints, Life in the City Bristol Museum and Art Gallery (free) runs until 12th May 2019

APRIL Matthew Day Jackson Hauser and Wirth, Somerset (free) 19th Jan- 16th May 2019

MAY Harald Sohlberg: Painting Norway Dulwich Picture Gallery, London (admission fee) 13th Feb-3 June 2019

Of course this is just a start and hopefully I will squeeze in a few more! And not to forget the amazing Open Studios at Spike Island, (3-6May) Jamaica Street (early June) and my very own BV. (12-14th April) What are your new years resolutions? Do they involve art and culture in any way? Follow me on instagram for regular updates of what I'm up to and to say hello.

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