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Pyrography Portfolio

The theme of memory flows throughout my work and underpins the creative process. With a heavy focus on drawing and an interest in line on surface, I use a tool similar to a soldering iron to burn drawings freehand into the paint, leaving a textured line similar to that of an etching. At once both destructive, yet creative, the burning process conveys a sense of permanence: a scarring effect that can be seen as a metaphor for memory. The resulting burnt lines have a texture that eludes the viewer’s gaze. 


Everything is evolving from, or into, nothingness.

The way the lines are melted into the paint gives the drawing a sculptural effect, allowing the image to come in and out of visibility as the viewer moves past and as light conditions change. This elusive quality rewards the patient and perceptive viewer.

My work aims to capture a sense of place or a moment in time and, in turn, convey the intensity of contemplation. I often draw from memory, photographs and found objects and have been very much influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi. In keeping with its central principles, my drawings try to convey the notion that everything is evolving into, or from, nothingness.

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