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Other Curious Projects

I like to be creative in many ways and collaborate with like minded people when a project or idea catches my imagination. Here are a few projects I have been working on, please follow the links to find out more...

'The Old Innocence' album artwork.


Ali George used my drawings for his latest album The Old Innocence. To view the original images click here. To listen to the Album follow this link to Ali's website.

Haiku Tweets

I write haiku poems and post them on twitter. Follow me or #haikutweet to find my poetry.

  • Twitter - Black Circle

The Book of Leaves

Over the course of a year I invited people via social media to send me a leaf and tell me about the story of where it was found. I received leaves and stories from around the world. I drew each leaf and made a the collection into a book. If you have a leaf you would like me to draw, please get in contact using the form below.

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