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All Change...

Winter is going…

Can you feel it? The change in the air.

It’s subtle at first, walking out of work and realising it’s still light; noticing the flash of yellow from some early daffodils.

I love the change of seasons, it’s like the world is taking a deep breath in. There is excitement of what can come and nostalgia for what has been. I like the feeling of being on the cusp of something new. Being neither here nor there is so full of potential to be creative. This change-over is fleeting, but present and should be as celebrated as the abundance of Springtime. The threshold space is something I have been interested in for a while. The tension that is caused by the in between space is electric. The glimpse of something allows the imagination to take over where reality stops. Like out of the corner of your eye the seasonal shift happens. By it’s very nature it’s hard to capture the liminal space. What do you see when you are not looking? I want to evoke this sensation in my work and is something I have been working on for years, perhaps I will never truly pin it down. These verges of our own experience give us the suspense to carry on living.

Below are some images I have gathered together that I feel convey the changing of the season.

Enjoy the suspense, as soon it will just be Spring and that is a whole other blog.

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