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100 days til Christmas

At the point of writing this, it is a heatwave in September, but I am reliably informed it is 100 days until Christmas. I know, I know, I can hear you. That the very notion of Christmas has become way too commercial and you don't want to think about it yet. But I am also aware of how different this year may be for many of us. A little thought and planning now might go a long way. With my small business hat on I know that Christmas can make or break a small business. I want your Christmas 2020 to be the best yet despite any global pandemic. I'm thinking small acts of kindness, thoughtful gifting and showing our affections.

SO my point of bringing up the C-word so many times in the first paragraph is not to make you think YOU have to put on a festive jumper and pulling out the decorations but is to say to you; relax I’ve got this. This year of all years we don’t have to rush or panic buy our way into Christmas. Here is an introduction to where and how to buy from your fav' small businesses this year when the usual market vibe won’t be an option. We small businesses are incredibly customer focus and agile and so can post out beautifully hand made things straight to your door. A little bit of thought goes a long way and so here’s your ultimate guide to a consumer conscious covid Christmas. CCCC


It’s an easy and free way to support an indie biz. Follow on Instagram and Facebook but even better sign up to a mailing list. I love Instagram! So please do give me a follow it’s a fab way to interact and show you what’s going on with The Corbeau Press give me a little like or comment and help me be seen by even more people….But if you really want to be in the know and show you mega support for me and my glass creations then please sign up to mailing list and even better open and read them.

2. SLIDE INTO MY DM's (yup I make that phrase so uncool)

Buying direct from the maker really is an easy way to getting something special- So you’ve seen something you love on insta of facebook why not send a direct message and ask about it. I love these messages and working on collaborations or unique ideas.


As I mentioned before, markets are sadly a no-go for me this year. Fear not!! You can get a browsing fix by joining in a virtual market. Follow the likes of ‘Bristol Markets’ and get introduced to a range of Bristol independents through social media. It takes a few minutes on a Friday or Saturday to scroll through their Instagram stories to find the most amazing things and usually there are some tasty offers too.


High street shops are still open and amazing in Bristol. Yes you'll need to wear a face mask but that’s a small thing to actually browse all the wonderful things and get that feelgood retail therapy fix. I have work in Glass Designs Gallery on North Street and is well worth a visit!


I have an Etsy shop (the corbeau press) and I am also an Etsy customer, so I know the frustration of trying to find local makers, even UK makers sometimes on the platform. Here is a clever little hack that could help you slowly build a shopping list and help you remember all the great ideas you have now for presents. If you have an Etsy account you can save favourites, a little heart in the corner of the picture of the listing or you can 'favourite' a whole shop. Also now you can create lists of your 'favourites'. I like to browse on the Etsy app and now have started collecting a list for Christmas which should be full of fantastic things when I am ready to buy. This is also a good way of keeping track of things I find through Instagram. Plus as a shop owner I get a sweet little notification when someone clicks on that heart which gives me a boost of encouragement every time.


If you are an Etsy fan AND a Bristol fan then stay tuned for more news on the Etsy pop up shop. A carefully curated selection of Bristol’s talented creative businesses will be popping up in Broadmead over the festive season. More details coming soon. If you’ve signed up to my mailing list you’ll be the first to know when I do!


Not on the High Street was my biggest success this year. It’s a favourite website for those personal touches and I am proud to be a partner on their site. Some of my designs are exclusive to them so it’s worth having a little browse.

So that’s a run down. It will be different this year but I think that’s even more reason to spend our money carefully on thoughtful things. Even if you can’t support with your £££s know that every share, like, comment and sign up really does make the world of difference. There are 100 days to make someone’s year.

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